The Common Pests And Rodents In Phoenix

Many areas in the world have pests and rodents that are unique to that area. A lot of us probably have no idea what kind of things are lurking in other parts of the world and would probably be terrified if we found out some of the things that are out there. It actually becomes a relief to know that the animals, insects, and other things along those lines are less of an issue in one area than they are in another, even though we’d rather there be no issue at all. With all that being said, let’s look at some of the common pests and rodents in Phoenix.

The American Cockroach

This is a very creepy bug. They move pretty quick and are fairly big. They prefer to be in warm and moist areas. You might notice an increase in roaches around or in your house after rain. They aren’t like ants where you spill a bit of sugar somewhere and then you all of sudden have a good possibility for a group of ants to come or even an infestation. Sugar can attract them, but not like ants. These American cockroaches infest basements and landscaping more than anything. They also enjoy foods that humans like. Luckily, they can be turned away with the common sprays like home defense that you can get from your local store. You can also get roach floggers that you set off in your home, leave your home, then come back after some hours. This is a great way to see what kind of roach issue you’re dealing with.

Spiders/ The Arizona Brown Spider

A spider is not something anyone wants to see in their house or wherever you may see it, but the good thing is that the Arizona Brown Spider is not aggressive and will only try to harm if it feels threatened. If one does bite you, it can lead to necrosis, which is tissue death. There are other spiders in Phoenix as well. Spiders come with the territory. They can also be turned away with the common bug sprays.


It seems like ants are a little forgotten about or on the backburner when it comes to the bugs and insects to look out for. It depends on where you live though. Some ants build bridges out of themselves and I’m sure that can be pretty scary. For Phoenix, there are the fire ants to look out for. They are very aggressive and will sting you.


One type of rat in Arizona is the roof rat. They are good climbers and don’t need much to get into your home. They can contaminate your food and chew on wires. They can transmit disease, but that isn’t a problem in today’s world as far as we know. There are also other rats, such as the Pack Rat and Norway rat. Rats are not exactly on the list with the other things discussed in this article as far as using home defense. Using rat traps, rat specific sprays, and calling a professional are some of the things you can do.


There are quite a few things to deal with in Phoenix when it comes to pests and rodents, but the living there is still good in other areas. Keep looking at other pests and rodents though, it might be something there that’s a deal breaker. I’d rather you find that out on the internet and not when you get there. That’s all for me, thank you for reading and I appreciate your time.

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